Because the quality of our services also extends to clarity in our responses.

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We have 41 partner stores across Canada to serve you, including our flagship store on Saint-Michel Boulevard in Montreal, which has offered impeccable turnkey service since 1919. To find an authorized distributor, visit the Contact Us page and enter your postal code in the corresponding field. The interactive map will show you the nearest location where you can benefit from the expertise of Classy’s extended family.

Ideally, as soon as you know the date. If the event is during wedding season (May to September), we recommend that you reserve your outfit about three months in advance. This provides enough time to dress everyone in time and to simplify appointment scheduling for fittings and alterations. In a rush? Let our store experts dress you from head to toe in under an hour.

The week of your event, or as soon as you receive your outfit if you choose to have it delivered to you. After taking your measurements when you made your reservation, our experienced team prepares your outfit. Then, a fitting a few days before your event provides the opportunity to make any final alterations, if needed, to ensure a perfect fit.

Times can vary depending on the number of people being dressed for the event. Please plan about 1 hour. Our team of professionals is very efficient and used to working with tight turnaround times. That is how we can offer full service in under an hour.

No. If you reserved your outfit already, simply come to our store during opening hours the week of your event.

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Classy dresses a diverse customer base. You will be able to find just the right outfit in our massive inventory, regardless of body shape or budget. Our men’s and boys’ sizes range from 34 to 66 (junior: 3 to 16) for jackets, 28 to 60 (junior: 18 to 24) for pants, and 13 to 22 for shirt collars. Our team of professional tailors alters everything to provide the perfect fit.

For over 100 years, Classy has been a benchmark in style. Our inventory is regularly updated with pieces from the best formal wear designers in North America to ensure your full satisfaction! Our specialists would be thrilled to walk you through all the popular trends and styles.

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Ideally, as soon as you know the date. If the event is during wedding season (May to September), We recommend that you order your outfit about 3 months in advance. As delivery times vary by region, you should place your order no later than 10 business days* before the event.

*Weekends excluded.

Of course! Contact our customer service team, and we will send you the desired samples. A perfect fit also means choosing the suitable fabric for your comfort and the event’s dress code.

To change your measurements or delivery address, contact our customer service or email us: info@classy.ca. For any other request, or if your event is less than 10 days away, contact us as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Yes, but fees may apply depending on the timing of the cancellation. For rentals cancelled 15 days or more before the event, you can transfer the $50 (non-refundable) deposit paid at the time of reservation. However, for rentals cancelled less than 15 days before the event date, the deposit is both non-refundable and non-transferable because the rented clothing has already been prepared and reserved for you.

If the outfit has already been delivered, no refund can be issued.

For online orders – If the event is cancelled before the outfit is delivered and you inform us at least 15 days before, you will receive a full refund.

Customers can trust transactions on our site, which uses PayPal technology. Protecting your confidential data is of the utmost importance to Classy.

It may take up to 72 hours for your card to be charged, depending on the terms and conditions of the applicable banking institutions.

We take the utmost care of our formal wear. A non-refundable $8 general insurance fee is included with each rental. This mandatory fee covers stains and the normal wear and tear of the borrowed clothing. Note that in the event of loss or irreparable damage, you are responsible for paying the cost of replacing the article of clothing in question.

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Mesurements and Fittings

You need to provide us with your measurements so that your outfit is adjusted for the perfect fit.

Choose from the following three options and indicate your measurements (exact height and weight) in the form:

  • Have your measurements taken by an experienced tailor.
  • Check the sizes indicated on your clothing at home.
  • Take your measurements at home using a flexible tape measure, ideally with help from another person.

Click on “Find Out More” to watch our explanatory video.

You will submit your measurements when you make your reservation online. We will contact you if any information is missing from the outfit preparation sheet. If you would like to change your order after making a reservation, log in to our site or contact our customer service team.

Our tailors and alterations specialists check each order meticulously, all under the same roof. You will receive your outfit three to seven days before your event so that you have time to try it on. If it does not fit, you can rely on our Perfect Fit Guarantee to correct the situation.

Please try on your outfit within 24 hours of delivery. If alterations are needed, our Perfect Fit Guarantee offers workable solutions.

For sleeves and pant hems only: have the alterations done by a tailor or dry cleaner of your choosing. Make sure that you provide this person with the instructions pamphlet and that you send us a copy of your receipt (by email or in your return package). If applicable, we will credit your account up to $15. Important: the person making the alterations must not cut or remove excess fabric.

For the jacket (shoulders/chest), pants (size/waist), shirt (neck/chest) or vest, we will send you a replacement. Requests received over 24 hours after delivery may be subject to additional shipping fees.


For the jacket (shoulders/chest), pants (size/waist), shirt (neck/chest) or vest, we will send you a replacement. Requests received over 24 hours after delivery may be subject to additional shipping fees.

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That is THE question to ask when attending a formal event. What are the rules of etiquette for dressing classy as a man? We are here to help you understand the nuances of sophisticated style. Consult our article to read all the details!

Not usually, no. As soon as you receive your outfit, please remove it from the box and hang it up. We use an anti-wrinkling treatment on our clothing so that you can wear it right away. Residual wrinkles should disappear quickly. Please contact our customer service team if your outfit is still wrinkled several hours after hanging it up. You may have to use steam to remove stubborn wrinkles.

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Purolator will deliver your outfit to you three to seven days before your event. You will be provided with the tracking number for your package by email as soon as your order ships. In general, no signature is needed upon receipt. However, if the delivery service does not leave packages at the door in your neighbourhood, please provide an alternate address or have the package delivered to a Purolator pickup location.

Yes, we deliver everywhere in Canada except the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Unfortunately, no, not at this time. Please note that all returns must also be shipped from a Canadian address. If you need to rent an outfit for several weeks, please let us know at the time of your reservation.

Unfortunately, Purolator does not deliver to PO boxes.

Standard delivery fees vary based on postal code. The exact delivery cost will be indicated before you validate your order once you have indicated your delivery address.

We ship your clothing in a high-quality corrugated box. The outfit is hung on a coat hanger and folded once in a special garment bag. We recommend that you hang up your clothing as soon as it is delivered to give any wrinkles time to disappear.

Since a signature is required upon delivery, if the Purolator worker cannot hand you your package directly, they will return another time. However, if no one collects the package after 2 attempts, it is sent to a postal company pickup location.

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About five days. If your event is on Saturday, your tuxedo or suit can be ready as soon as Wednesday. Come to the store between Wednesday and Friday. You will have three days to come in to try on and collect your outfit. You must return your outfit by mail or in-store on the first business day after the event. A $25/day late fee will apply.

Customers renting an outfit must agree to comply with Classy’s terms and conditions (see the Rentals section on the Terms and Conditions page).

If your outfit is damaged irreparably, your credit card will be directly charged the retail price of the article(s) of clothing concerned, according to our terms and conditions. The same rule applies if the rented items are not returned to us. Minor repairs, such as small stains, are covered by the mandatory general insurance fee.

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Classy can dress your wedding party, guests, and reception staff at an unbeatable price. Use our Wedding Registry to benefit from personalized, turnkey service in-store and online. Please note that an appointment must be made for parties of three people or more in store.

Renting formal wear is a solution that fits any budget. As a leader in men’s formal wear rentals, Classy is committed to offering the largest selection of outfits possible. Our high inventory turnover means great deals! Contact us for more information on our group discounts.

Destination weddings are a Classy specialty! Our team will propose different options based on your destination and the overall structure of your event.

Let our experts guide you and get the Classy Experience! We are tuxedo specialists, and our high-quality 100% wool suits come in all cuts and styles.

It is our pleasure to attend to your needs for all events surrounding the main ceremony. Classy has one of the most extensive inventories in North America. Our seasoned experts also prepare suits, jackets and shirts while following the established dress code to a tee.

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Reward Program

Classy has launched a rewards program for its loyal customers. Contact us for more information.

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Regardless of the event, Classy’s consultants are there to guide you through the process, from selecting an outfit to arranging accessories. Need help with tuxedos, bowties, vests, or something else? With over 100 years of experience, our professional services will be able to meet your every need. Complete the form to provide us with details for your event, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

If it helps simplify your event planning, we are happy to come to you to offer this service. We try to accommodate our partners as best as possible, whether online, in-store or even at the event itself.

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Renting with Classy means choosing peace of mind. There’s no need to go anywhere: we simply ask that you ship your outfit back to us within 24 hours following your event.

A personalized, user-friendly box and prepaid label are available for a $10 fee. Place all rental items in the box, attach the label and drop off the package at an authorized shipping location.

For an additional $10 fee, Purolator will come to pick up the package from you. Call 1 (888) 744-7123 to schedule a pickup time for your package.

For more information on our returns policy, please visit the Terms and Conditions page.

You can use any other box instead. The main thing is that you place all your rental items in a box and ship it within 24 hours following your event. Feel free to ship your outfit back with the rental items of another customer who still has the box provided.

Please contact our customer service team to receive a new label by email.

No, Classy’s turnkey service will take care of it using a modern and eco-friendly dry-cleaning process!

According to our rental terms and conditions, the order must be shipped back on the first business day following the event. Any delay may negatively affect a subsequent customer’s order. As a result, penalty fees will apply if this condition is not met.

Unable to return your outfit on time? Please inform our customer service team; we will try to adapt to your situation.

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Urgent Requests

Of course! Come to our store. Our team of experts will help you select the perfect outfit. You will receive professional services worthy of haute couture in under 60 minutes. Consultation, alterations, and preparation included. Service fees may apply depending on how busy we are and the availability of in-store consultants.

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Please consult the Exchanges section of our Terms and Conditions page for more information on the conditions for exchanges.

If the event for which you purchased your outfit has been cancelled and you inform us before delivery, you can receive a refund. Please consult the Refunds section of our Terms and Conditions page for more information on the conditions for refunds.