Partners program

Loyal Partners program

Regardless of circumstances, we ensure that your male customers are dressed in style.

At the service of your event planning

Our Loyal Partners program provides you with access to many advantages.

• Borrow our formal wear for a photo session, free of charge.
• Optimize your planning. CLASSY offers clothing accessories, party favours and classy casual wear for occasions surrounding the main event.
• Take advantage of preferred pricing and exclusive promotions!


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Your client, our priority!

At CLASSY, you don’t need to be a star to get the VIP treatment. Every customer and their group receive personalized service from experts in style and etiquette. Last-minute hiccup? We respond to urgent requests by meeting all requirements.
Regardless of where they are in Canada, your client will choose from a wide selection of styles, brands, and colours to suit any taste. Different collections, varying from the traditional black tuxedo to a light suit for a beach wedding, are available to rent or buy.

In-store or online, CLASSY staff offer an enjoyable experience and consultation services based on extensive expertise – from selecting an outfit to matching accessories. You can trust our specialists to find the ideal cut and make the proper alterations, no matter the event. We also offer virtual appointments to serve and consult with remote customers.


Our website makes it easy to plan the shopping, rental, and fitting experience. Reserve your outfit, submit your measurements, and make an appointment for alterations in just a few clicks. Even returning our rental outfits is made easy through our mailing system!

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