Where, Why, When, How to rent a tux or a suit?

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Where, Why, When, How to rent a tux or a suit?

What if we told you that renting formal attire doesn’t necessarily mean only for a WEDDING?

It’s understandable that there are many misconceptions about renting formal attire… But we’re here to shift that mindset and unlock a whole set of possibilities you did not know existed.

Men’s fashion changes so quickly – trends die, then come back at a pace that seems impossible to keep up with. As these new trends emerge, you’re stuck wearing the same suit for each occasion, which probably doesn’t fit you the same way it did the first time you wore it years ago.

Have you ever seen your girlfriend or wife re-wear the same dress to a sequence of events? We think it is safe to assume that you have not. It’s 2022 – men are pampering themselves more than ever before, and we’re here to support this! Instead of taking the suit back out from deep in your closet, leave it there and let us show you the way. The tools are at your disposal, you have to make a small effort, and you will be surprised how elegant you will feel and look.

Fit is the number 1 criteria when wearing a suit or tuxedo. Too often, minor alterations to garments are taken for granted or, worse, not even made a consideration. The ideal sleeve length on your jacket, and the perfect hem length on your pants will do wonders on the overall look – This is where an experienced consultant like Classy comes in.

We will advise on the ideal fit for your body type and offer alterations to clean up the look. We at Classy offer in-house on the spot alterations, we make it easy and quick for you so you’ll want to come back for your next event.

Now you’re probably wondering how much this all costs. Quality suits are not cheap. The material & construction of the suit will determine the quality, feel, and long-lasting wear. You can find an inexpensive suit at Winners or Zara, but you get what you pay for: it will look inexpensive on you. For special occasions, you want to feel and look your best. Nothing accomplishes that better than a nice quality suit, like ours, which is why renting suits is a game changer: Renting offers an expensive look without the price tag. Renting a suit is also fast, yes you can pop in our shop the same day, we will have you looking like James Bond in an hour, tops! Renting also gives you a professional consultant at your disposal and ensures you have the latest look in men’s fashion.

Next time you are a guest at a wedding, a formal event, or a black-tie gala…. give renting a chance; we at Classy guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Have fun at your event and get ready for the eyes looking your way; the compliments await!

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