How to look & feel your BEST at ANY event

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Men wearing a light gray suit

How to look & feel your BEST at ANY event

Let’s get right to the point: You want to look and feel your best at any given event. But what does that mean? Let us show you what it means to be a Classy Man:

  • Classy men prioritize COMFORT: Be comfortable as can be. A suit isn’t a SWEATsuit, but can sure feel like one if you choose the right quality. See our selection of our most comfortable suits
  • Classy men are CONFIDENT: If you don’t look in the mirror and think “Damn, I look good”, change up your attire until you think so.
  • Classy men PRESS: Ensure you clothing is freshly pressed and altered to your measurements.
  • This is the number one Classy rule! Click here for more information.
  • Classy men don’t put anything bulky in their pockets for it will deter from the elegance! Keep it Classy.
  • Classy men have their shoes cleaned and polished! Click here to see our shoe selections.
  • Classy men have fun with their socks! Funky socks are all the rage now – it’s a great way to show personality and add personal style. Click here to check out our best-selling socks!
  • Classy men ALWAYS bring mints and a handkerchief that can help remove excess sweat if feeling hot during event.
  • Classy men also don’t underestimate details such as accessories, a pocket square that matches your date.

This is our job at Classy, making sure that by the time you walk out of our shop, you ARE a Classy Man.

Our consultants can only adequately help you after they speak with you a bit about your event and your style. During your visit, we remind you of details you hadn’t thought of (it’s our job and we love it!).

However, what we LOVE most is seeing your pictures upon your return, hearing about your evening, and seeing the Classy Man in you come out and grace the presence of others.

That is what gives us the greatest satisfaction.

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