Under the Umbrella Foundation

Changing Lives One Umbrella at a Time

Classy proudly sponsors the Social Tree Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering inclusivity and community engagement.

The foundation's mission is rooted in inclusion and community engagement, aiming to support teenagers and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in their journey to secure meaningful employment opportunities.

Under the Umbrella Foundation
Derek Alfred Umbrella color

Giving is Classy!

Supporting the Social Tree means embracing and celebrating the unique strengths and contributions that arise from diversity. We invite you to make a generous donation to this cause by purchasing an elegant umbrella. With each purchase, $50 will go directly to the foundation, enabling them to continue their impactful work in helping autistic youth develop their careers.

Join us in making a difference and supporting this noble cause. Together, we can prove that giving is truly classy! To donate, please click here.